About the Wetlab

About the Wet Lab

We live in an exciting time where knowledge and scientific discovery is rapidly expanding.  This explosion of information creates opportunities for even greater discovery as humanity rapidly progresses towards cures for disease, improved health and wellness, ecological sustainability, and solutions to other global issues.  The Wet Lab serves the San Diego area by communicating breakthrough research from local San Diego research institutions and the latest research techniques to the public as well as offering opportunities for members to create and take part in scientific projects of public interest.  The Wet Lab achieves this mission through:

  • Free lecture series that brings to the public the latest research and innovations from leading San Diego research institutions and biotech companies
  • Workshop series that provides hands-on demonstrations of  contemporary scientific research methods and techniques
  • Opportunities for independent scientific research projects
  • Study groups and Journal clubs where members discuss latest discoveries and share research ideas

Anyone is welcome to attend our events or become a member.  Our members include professional scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, bio-hackers, and scientifically-curious people of all backgrounds.  We believe that science should be open, fun, accessible, and affordable to all.

Since 2015 we have been collaborating with our partners at La Jolla’s Life Science Collaboratory, one of the first libraries in US to host an open Bio Lab.

Other groups we collaborate with: